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Every person is different and therefore no one diet or plan is right for everyone. That's where I come into play. I will help you discover what your body needs and create a personalized health program to help you achieve your goals. -Melissa G.


"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Melissa for support and guidance through achieving my weight loss and health goals. From the beginning, I felt very comfortable around her and felt confident that she would be able to provide me with the help I had been looking for ... Melissa showed her care and commitment to me by listening to my needs & making herself available. She created a healthy meal plan for me to follow, but also taught me how and what to eat, so I could apply it to my daily life. I would definitely recommend Melissa to my friends and family!"



Why choose nutrition and health coaching?

Have you ever tried a diet or weight loss plan, but felt to restricted and deprived? Did it require you to constantly count calories, carbohydrates, fats, etc., which was frustrating and difficult? Did you find it was not geared to your individual body and lifestyle needs? There is an overwhelming amount of information in the world of nutrition, which can make losing weight and getting health very confusing and fad diets very appealing. The problem is: diets don’t work. They are quick fixes and unsustainable. 

You will discover what foods work for your body, what foods to include and what foods to reduce, how to eat for energy, ways to incorporate and stick to a fitness regimen, and lose weight- all while feeling satisfied, energized, healthy, and happy! 

You will acquire the right information, tools, and support, so you can say goodbye to the word diet, and welcome in a new, sustainable approach to losing weight, that is right for you. This is not a diet, but a lifestyle change that is geared to your own personal needs and goals, and you will have my unconditional support and guidance along the way!



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