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Private Yoga sessions at Philly Power Yoga are an excellent way to learn, improve or fit yoga into your schedule.  Our team of expert instructors will guide you with compassion and expertise whether your goals are to become stronger, more flexibile, take an hour and a half to relax for yourself or all three!


"I have had the good fortune of having Troy as my Yoga instructor for some time now. Troy's teaching philosophy is based on two points. First, take your practice seriously but don't take yourself seriously. Secondly, the practice of Yoga can be a unique experience for all participants. As a result, Troy reaches the perfect balance in his teaching method: Classes are physically and mentally intense and challenging but are always in context of a very relaxed, positive, and comforting atmosphere..."



philly power yoga private yoga services

Let our instructors guide you through the basics of Asana practice utilizing the classical power yoga flow.  Receive personal corrections, hands on attention and work to achieve your individual goals with private yoga.


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Private Group Classes

A unique, fun and healthy way to bond with your friends or co-workers... Are you looking for an alternative to the traditional night out or team building exercise? Schedule a private group class for you and your select group at an affordable & competitive rate!  We welcome business groups, athletic teams, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, birthday parties and more!



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